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Shelley Gore, experienced Reiki Teacher and Reiki Master

Shelley has joined the strong and exceptional team at Orchard Life offering our clients Reiki therapy in the comfort of our space.

Reiki helps with Symptoms such as:

Stress, anxiety, tension, unexplained pain, headaches, low immunity?

Shelley provides Reiki, a holistic, complementary therapy that can enhance and accelerate conventional healing on a physical and emotional level. Trauma, if not addressed in an holistic way can manifest into more serious physical ailments in the future, meaning more medical intervention/surgery.

She began her Reiki journey 11 years ago when she was on maternity leave with her second child. She experienced the power of Reiki first hand and it caused an unexplainable shift in her being.

It was then that she realised how phenomenal this energy was, so pursued Reiki to Master level and offer Reiki healing, evenings and weekends around her growing family and work with children on the Autistic Spectrum.

Passionate about providing the very best experience for her clients and Shelley does not restrict her sessions to just the hour. Please allow at least another half hour for your treatment.

For more information on Shelley and Reiki Therapy please click onto the link below: